Wireless Business Internet Services

Conxxus' wireless
Internet solutions offer your business:
  • Dedicated Internet connection
    (your Internet is always on)
  • No additional phone line needed/No phone line needed
  • Multiple levels of Internet Speeds - up to 512 Kbps
  • Local customer support in Paxton, IL
  • No long distance charges
  • Unlimited usage
  • Multiple hookups

Provides your business with a dedicated Internet connection and free up the costly additional phone line charge. Business customers will receive free domain name registration (www.yourcompanyname.com), 10 personalized e-mail addresses (info@yourcompanyname.com), 50 MB Web storage space, Website hosting and Web mail capabilities.  Static IP address available.
$59.99 per month

Outdoor antenna & installation
25 feet of Antenna Cable
25 feet of Category 5 Ethernet cable
Configuration of EUM 3000
Configuration of TCP\IP Settings on Computer
$199.00 (one-time fee)

Installation of Ethernet/Network Card
$33.00 (one-time fee)

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